Bits & Pieces (June 2014)

Sunday, June 22, 2014


1. Breakfast in bed.

2. Watched TFIOS with Ali. It made me teary and all, my expectations didn’t fail me. This is definitely in my fave list. And since we watched it, Ali keeps asking me “okay?” and expects me to say “okay” in return. Haha.

3. Selfie in one of our dates.

4. Coffee date with my favorite people: my cousins! We had our girl bonding at Post Coffeehouse for the nth time.

5 & 6. My babies! They keep on fighting and it makes me craaaaazy sometimes, but i love them still.

7. I went through impacted tooth surgery last week. It was really painful, and my face was bloated! I also can’t eat decent food for days. I have had 2 surgeries in my life, and the 2nd one is just tooth but i don’t care, i’m so proud of myself.

8. I finished reading Anna and the French Kiss, and I just love it! Reading tragic books made me a bit depressed, so I have the in dire need to read a feel good book. Also, I finished Lola and the Boy Next Door and I love it too! I’m surprised to read that Anna is there too!

9. Coffee date with my love at Post Coffeehouse again. He wanted to visit the place so we went there. It was the night before he left for Manila. 😭

10. It’s been 5 days since he left for Kuwait, and I miss him so much!!! I miss this smile! It’ll be months before I see this smile again.

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