Sunday, June 29, 2014


I spent my afternoon in front of my laptop with potato chips and green tea apple on my side, reading travel blogs. Tbh, I caught myself mesmerized by their words and right there and then I wish I could write as beautiful and captivating as them. After awhile, I decided to go for a run.

It’s been awhile since Ali and I did this, cos since we got back from our trip we never went for a run anymore, we used to do this everyday, but this time i’m all alone. I went to the Plaza, nothing fancy like the Botanic Gardens or Iloilo’s Esplanade. It was crowded, a lot of lovers are having their picnics and some having their PDA moments. I don’t mind.

I began to walk and and looked for the homeless old man who’s living in the tower made of wood, but he’s not there anymore. His things weren’t there. I felt sadness run through me, cos I once promised myself when I go back I would bring him food and we could have a chitchat. And I never got the chance to do that. Regrets. I began to walk again, when I reached the field where I always see a bunch of people with hearing impairments gather and just talk with the use of their hands, I felt sad again cos they weren’t there. They make me smile every time I pass through them, they just seem so happy. I wish I took a picture of them way back. Regrets.

I ran for 2 rounds then decided to go home, feeling regretful and thinking I should have done what I should way back. But they say, don’t cry over spilled milk. There’s a reason for it all.


Seeing a lot of lovely people doing this, I was really curious. I’ve attempted several times to try this Sunday Currently but I always fail. I’m glad that I am finally able to do this tonight.

R E A D I N G  nothing (yet). I just finished reading Teen Idol by Meg Cabot and I love it! Well, I love everything about Meg Cabot! I’m still in dilemma on what to read next. If you have suggestions, please do comment below. :)

R E W R I T I N G  my lessons in SPED. I’m a lazy writer, I usually just take a picture of my classmate’s notes and just write it down when I feel like it. Hahaha.

W A N T I N G  to be in my love’s arms. I miss him dearly!

L I S T E N I N G  to Regina Spektor. She’s one of my fave singer, and her voice… Her voice is lovely, it soothes and calms me down.

T H I N K I N G  of whether I should buy something online or not.

S M E L L I N G  the garlic chicken which I just ate.

O B S E S S I N G with hoarding second hand books. I always visit the Booksale whenever i’m at the mall, and recently i’ve purchased a lot of books. Empty pockets, happy heart.

W I S H I N G  that all my love’s papers will finally be done.

H O P I N G  for a positive and productive day tomorrow. Inshaallah!

W E A R I N G  an over-sized shirt and pajamas.

N E E D I N G  to lose weight! Seriously, it depresses me lately.

F E E L I N G  okay I guess. nothing grand.

L O V I N G the weather. I always love the rain compared to a sunny day. It gives me calmness and nostalgia.


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