Friday, July 18, 2014


Shukran (Thank you) to my dearest thewallflowersecrets and deebipolar for the tag! :)

  • I’m a great procrastinator! I’m guilty to that, I’ve been telling myself for the past years to move my butt out and be productive, but I still fail. I end up doing things the night before the deadline or cramming for it, I hate it. But recently, I see to it that I accomplish something every day, I may not done all of what I’ve written in my “to do list” but at least I’ve done something, and I wouldn’t put my day to waste.

  • I have this “5 Year Plan” that I recently came up to. 1)Find a job. 2)Take photography or journalism course while working. 3)Apply a grant in Nat Geo (which is my dream job btw) or work for an org that help save animals and the unfortunate ones. 4)Travel and seek for adventure. 5)Pursue teaching career. 6)Settle down and be a mommy. I’ve realised that I’m too young and I have to enjoy my life cos life is f short,

  • I’m starting to collect books and eventually build my very own mini library! Not just for my own pleasure but also for my future kids to enjoy the awesomeness that is books.

  • I have this love-hate feeling whenever I see a movie or read stories about dogs/cats. I love dogs and I have two, Paris and Dashy, I treat them like my very own babies. I hate reading or seeing stories of dogs/cats cos it’ll make me cry hard and I can’t bare to imagine how am I going to say goodbye to them (my babies) someday…

  • The only things I wanna do in life are: READ, TRAVEL, SAVE ANIMALS.

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