Kuala Lumpur Photo Diary

Sunday, July 06, 2014

It’s been 2 months since we had our trip to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I don’t know why it took that long for me to write about it. Maybe because i’m still on a travel-hangover? Yeah, I guess so.

From Philippines, we arrived at SIngapore in late hours, stayed there for a day and then for some reason we decided to go to Malaysia.

(You’ve been warned! Heavy photos ahead.)

The Malaysian immigration officers were really nice despite of their duty on wee hours, we even exchanged a conversation with one. Malaysians are nice people, I said to Ali. When we were on the train going to Malaysia, we settled in a compartment, not long when an old chinese man came and said it’s their bed. He was really rude and treated us as if we were dirt. I have nothing against Chinese/Singaporeans, but I kind of dislike them during our trip. Well cos we had a handful of bad experiences in dealing with them. No offense. 

Anyway, I lost our ticket which sucks so we had to ask those men working for the train and they were kind enough to find empty seats for us.

A man a few seats away were watching, I guess he was curious, then I told him what happened. I happen to notice him at the Woodlands train station cos he was wearing old baggy sweater and torn pants, with a kid’s broken stroller. He asked me where I’m from and I said “the Philippines,” he wondered why I’m a muslim cos he knew the Philippines is a Catholic country, he also said he’s going home to his family to a town quite far from KL. I was curious too with his story but I didn’t ask. He was a nice guy but a bit creepy, he keeps on staring on us the whole train ride. I don’t know why.

The photo above is the KL Sentral Station, we arrived at 8 in the morning. We slept in the hotel until afternoon and then decided to go to Bazar Masjid Jamek.

Bazar Masjid Jamek, it is where you’ll find lots of cheap finds. It is also near the Masjid Mosque and blocks away from Central Market.

The Central Market is known to be the oldest shopping center in KL, from 1888 to the present. We roam around and found some art gallery, antiques, and second hand bookstore. Of course I didn’t left empty handed, I found a Meg Cabot book for only RM 8.

Outside the Central Market, which they call the Heritage Walk I think, you can find restaurants and stores. There was also a theater play when we were there. Feeling tired and hungry, we settled in a restaurant which you can see from the photo above. There was also a Tripadvisor recommended sign in the entrance so that’s a plus. I must say their milk tea is to die for!

On our second day we bought our hop-on-hop-off tickets, since we were on a budget we decided to get one and so that our trip would be less hassle. It will bring you to different tourist spots in KL, there is 30 minutes interval in every hop-on-hop-off bus stop. Anyway, our first stop is the Mizium Negara. It’s a must see whenever you travel, to know the history and culture of that place.

When we reached the Orchid Garden, it was raining so we opted to go to KLCC, had our coffee which is perfect with the weather. After the rain had stopped, we roam around KLCC Park and waited for the night so we could watch the Twin Towers light up

The traffic was heavy, and Ali suggested that we’ll walk up to Bukit Bintang where our hotel is. I was thinking this man is crazy! But when he said that there’s a tunnel going to Bukit Bintang, a short cut, I didn’t believed him at first but hey I gotta see this. So we reached the hotel after a long walk in that tunnel, which btw has coffee shops and resto’s.

Bukit Bintang, it’s lively at night. You can witness different kinds of performers which you will enjoy.

Settled in an arabic resto for shisha and some shawarma.

e went to KLCC early in the morning to buy tickets for the tour in Petronas Twin Tower. When we were finished, we saw those people dancing, I guess it’s for a tourism commercial or Go KL bus commercial. Go KL bus btw is for free, yes you will not pay a cent when you ride that bus.

The KL Tower

I’ve always been fascinated with fancy vintage architectures! You will find  some in KL.

Being touristy and all at the bridge of twin towers.

We rode a 30 minute train to Batu Caves after, I was giddy standing with those birds, it’s like i’m in Rome.

I had the funniest experience at Batu Caves. I was posing for a picture with a coke on my hand, when suddenly a monkey stole it from me! I just had 3 sips from it and it was gone, believe me I cursed that monkey that day. But then again, I forgave him, maybe he was just hungry…

Contrary to what Nicole has experienced, we did enjoyed our trip in KL. All the people we have encountered were friendly and we were welcomed by their smiling faces, even the travelers we came across with were nice people. Just like Manila or General Santos City, there were a lot of people sleeping in the sidewalks, there were some awful smells here and there too, but the positive side covers up the negative. 

To be honest, It was my first time to go out of the country, but at least it’s not too late. I realized that I belong out there, I wished I could have stayed there longer. Alas, this wayfarer needs to go back to reality.

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