On being an Ukay Quen + Unleashed Felings

Sunday, July 27, 2014

While arranging my clothes in the closet, I realised that almost all of my clothes are from thrift shops or we call it Ukay-ukay. I don’t know, but my love for thrift shopping became huge, not just because it’s cheap but also I can find a lot of modest clothes there, believe me finding modest clothes in the mall are pain in the ass. Living in a catholic or liberated country, I have to deal with that. The cardigan and sleeveless that i’m wearing are from - guess where - Ukay-ukay! And scarf which a bought from Malaysia last summer only costs 5 RM or Php 70.

On another note, I look happy in the second photograph above, genuinely happy, contrary to what i’m feeling right now and from what I was feeling yesterday. That’s just how this bipolar works, it’s in the epitome of high and low. I’m feeling worthless, insecure, ugly and fat right now. That I hate! This afternoon I had a hard time getting up and do some productive stuff despite seeing my work piling up, I just couldn’t. Instead, I picked Abundance of Katherines and decided to open the page where I left it with my bookmark. I spent the afternoon at our front porch with my Dashy and Paris. Now, i’m feeling a bit okay. Maybe I just needed some air, and I haven’t taken my meds for weeks now, I probably should… I should not let this define who I am, I’m gonna be okay, i’m gonna be better, i’m gonna reach for my goals. I should tell that to myself everyday! :)

Anyway, enough of the drama, these photographs were taken at our school while waiting for the prof last Monday. I forgot to bring my inner tho, that’s why i’m wearing my hijab like that.

I guess that’s it! Well, be prepared for more outfit posts! Hahaha!

I Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday! 

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