Tuesday, September 09, 2014

In this month of the year, our city celebrates Tuna Festival and during this time you can witness parades, street dancing, contests, carnival, bazaars, and there are a lot of plants shops open.

Yesterday, my best friend and I went to Oval Plaza where the carnival, bazaars, and flower shops are found. Of course, I would let this pass by without buying some plants. Last week, I hoarded a lot of succulents and cactus but I just can’t get enough! So I bought some (again) yesterday. Bwahaha.

After buying some plants, we strolled around the food booths and bought ourselves some moon cake. It’s yummy and very affordable! I might go back again and try some more! And maybe plant shopping? :D

We also visited the bazaar and thrift shops. We didn’t buy anything though. But last week when I went there with my mom, I bought some pambahay shorts and sandals which only costs Php 150, it’s the plastic one but it’s so pretty and it’s pastel pink!

We were deciding where to have dinner when suddenly my best friend has to go for study group session. So I went to the mall alone to buy some toiletries.

Anyway, so if you want to visit our tini tiny city, book a flight on the first week of September for the Tuna Festival or 4th week of February for the Kalilangan Festival.

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