TGIF (Part Deux)

Friday, September 19, 2014

I love Fridays! Aren’t we all are?I :) These past few Fridays have been quite busy and other days than that. Though there are days that I feel lazy and unmotivated, I still do my best to get my shit done. Today is different, I had a bit of a laid back day…

My Friday in photographs:

  1. After my photo gig, my dearest friend Mariel and I had a lunch date at my new favorite bistro, Rozen Garden Bistro. The food is superb and very much affordable, and of course the aura is vintage and homey. 

  2. We had a book window shopping and we had a really fun time scanning books we can relate to. And then I saw this baby! I was really heart broken cos I’m kinda broke so it’s impossible for this book to be mine. Sad :(

  3. I’m in love with my succulents and cacti! Though I think my hands are cursed when it come to growing plants, alas i’m trying. Oh babies please don’t die on me!

  4. Spending my afternoon reading If I stay and playing games plus iced coffee, What a lovely thing to end the day. :)

I hope everyone’s having a nice Friday! And have an awesome weekend ahead! :)

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