Friday, September 05, 2014

Thank you dearest @therockinrollhijabi for the tag!

1. Hi! My name is Joyce! Muslim name: Jamila.
2. 23 years old.
3. I’m married to a pureblood Arab (Kuwaiti) guy who can speak fluent Ilonggo, Bisaya, and Tagalog.
4. I’m a booklover and I prefer actual books than ibooks. My goal is to build a mini library.
5. I insert letters in some of my books which I write how & why I got that certain book and what I love about it.
6. The hubby lets me run like a little child in the bookstore & occasionally spoils me with books.
7. I have 2 dogs, Paris (pug) and Dashy (dachshund) & I love them to bits! I had them even before I reverted, so the hubby is okay with it and agreed to take care of them until they get old.
8. I love photography! I love taking pictures of people & the mundane.
9. I aspire to be Nat Geo photographer or explorer! A girl can dream right?
10. I took up nursing, & decided to shift during my 3rd year. I realized I wasn’t happy with the field I chose.
11. I’m currently taking up Education major in SPED & on my 4th year. I’ve never been happier! I finally found where i’m happy and passionate about.
12. They say i’m a philanthropist by heart.
13. I love traveling! I realized that I belong out there. See the world & gain unforgettable experience which i can forever keep in my heart.
14. No babies yet! The hubby & I plan to see the world first and making the most out of everything.
15. I’m a shy type but if you get to know me I can be loud too! & I love meeting new people!
16. I love vintage!
17. I love collecting notebooks
18. I suffered depression & was diagnosed with bipolar years ago. I learned life the hard way but I’m thankful and blessed to have such supportive & loving parents, friends, & husband.
19. Yes life is still sucky & there are still days that I find it hard to get up from bed but I learned how to cope. There are always people that will hurt and pull you down, the universe will throw canon balls at you, that’s life. I’ve learned that life is still beautiful & Instead of holding up an umbrella, i must dance in the rain. Alhamdulillah.
20. I’m a revert! I strive to be a better muslimah. Inshaallah!

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