An Instant Hijab you'll surely Love!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

We ladies especially hijabi’s need longer time to fix ourselves and dress up, and of course try different hijab styles that will match our outfit. My schedule is usually not fixed and when there’s a sudden change I always end up hurrying every time I leave the house. So i’m in dire need of a hijab that is fast and easy peasy to wear. Lucky for me that Colors and Style sent me their newest original product, the C & S INHIJAB that they will launch soon!

I was really giddy when I received a call from 2go that they’re going to deliver the package at my house! I was all smiles when the the delivery guy handed it to me. Yes, lumilevel up na si ateng! May Sponsor na! Ahahaha :D And what made me more happy is the handwritten letter from the owner, Ate Leanne. I just love receiving personal letters! 

I was really excited that I immediately tried it and played with different styles, and of course I took a lot of selfies and self-portraits. :D Anyway, I see to it that i’m all honest in giving product reviews so that ya’ll can really decided whether to purchase the product or not. As for what Colors and Styles (the C&S INHIJAB) sent me, so far i’m lovin it! It’s an instant hijab, that means you don’t have to put an inner to totally hide your hair. The fabric is smooth and not that thick which is perfect for the weather here in the Philippines and other tropical countries. Also, it really gives you full coverage. The way the hijab is sewn in quite okay, I just wish they have sewed the joined cloth thingy (it can be seen at the lower left of the hijab) at the back part so that it’s not noticeable. OMG I I don’t know how to explain it properly! Haha. Anyway, this is not my first instant hijab. The ones i’ve purchased before are not long enough which hinders me to try different looks. I just love how long this C&S INHIJAB is, it maximize me to try a lot of hijab styles. 

I’m a big fan of Amenakin and I always wanted to try out her looks which hinders me cos some of my hijabs are not that long enough and I can’t afford the hoojab right now (the shipment is expensive! huhuhu). But with C&S INHIJAB, I can achieve this Amenakin inspired look. I will post a tutorial of it soon, I promise!

Overall, I would really recommend C&S INHIJAB. I just love it! I would rate it 4.7 over 5. It’s perfect for all working moms and ladies who are always in a hurry. So watch out for C&S INHIJAB soon in Colors and Style!

Like Color and Style’s FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to browse their products. They also sell other instant hijabs, muslim dresses, kaftans, and scarves. I promise you, their products are affordable and are for reasonable prices. I’m really eyeing for their Aaliyah instant hijab and kaftans, Inshaallah I i’ll have one of those. :) 

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