Cozy & Chic: Celine's Salon

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Something amazing happened! I am now officially a member of SOX Bloggers! An official bloggers group in SoCSKSarGen area. Many thanks to the lovely Kyrie and Sir Avel. I was really psyched to attend my first ever SOX Blogger event: A visit to Celine’s Salon here in GenSan.

Celine’s Salon is the newest chic salon here in General Santos City located at Sun City Suites complex. It’s all about the ultimate pampering experience you can have!

When I entered, aside from Sir Avel, I was greeted by the smile of the employees, also Ms. Kate and the owner Ms. Mitchy. I was really shy for the reason that it’s my first time to attend such event but I immediately felt the VIP treatment. Yes! Their mission is to provide a one-of-a-kind pampering experience and guarantee you with quality services and VIP treatment fit for king and queen.

Celine’s Salon offer a wide range of hair, nails, make-up and waxing services. When I say quality, it really is quality for they use imported and branded products such as L’oreal, Davines and Schwarkof, Zoya, Essie and Orly.

When it comes to the place I can really say “yes this place definitely gives me the ultimate pampering experience.” Aside from friendly staff, the place greeted me with sweet (but not too sweet that makes your nose itchy) aroma scent, unlike other salons which all you can smell is the chemicals or products that they use. Also, the place is quiet and has no TV which is a plus cos you can really relax.The interior is amazing, the couches are really comfortable to sit on, and the displays/decorations are just perfect such as Eiffel towers, cute frames, flowers, vintage phone and etc. The one’s you will really take a picture of cos it’s perfect for an instagram post. :D

If you left your phone or ipad/tablet, don’t worry cos Celine’s have in-house ipads/tablets which customers can use. Awesome right?! Either you want to log in to different social media sites or just read magazines from aldiko, you won’t be bored while having your hair or nails done.

        And of course it wouldn’t be complete without food. Celine’s Salon provide complimentary tea/coffee/juice and snacks like popcorn/cookies. Yes, they have a cute mini popcorn maker! Super awesome!

Sir Morgan having his haircut and Sir Avel having his foot spa.

Selfie with the lovely Kyrie while having her roots bleached. She’s so pretty omg!

Snapped this photo while Ms. Mitchy, Ms. Kate, Sir Avel and I are talking. Ms. Mitcy is soooo pretty she immediately become my girl crush! :D According to her, she wasn’t entirely satisfied with the services of other salons here in GenSan, she wanted to have a salon that cater quality services and gives the ultimate pampering experience. Which I truly agree, I believe Celine’s is the first ever salon here in GenSan that caters such services and experience.

Kyrie enjoying her newly bleached roots! She’s really satisfied with the out come and said that it’s totally worth it!

I only stayed an hour because I had some work to do at school, but I will definitely go back and i’m thinking of availing their 999 promo. I’m psyched about it and of course i’m gonna blog it! But before I go, lemme take a selfie with such wonderful people. :)

So, are you looking for a cozy chic salon where you can really relax and enjoy quality services? Try Celine’s Salon! They currently have promos and blowouts which you just can’t miss! It’s untill October 31, 2014 so hurryyyyyyy! :)

Visit Celine’s Salon:

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