Jinx VS The Craft

Friday, October 10, 2014

Have you ever read a book and say “hey the story is so familiar, I think there’s a movie similar to this book”? That happened when I read Meg Cabot’s Jinx which I realised have that huge resemblance with the movie The Craft.

Jinx is all about a girl named Jean (aka Jinx). A girl who moved from a small town to a big city to forget her past and start a fresh new life. She lives with her cousin Tory who practices witch craft and believed she’s the witch in the family. When Tory realised that Jean could be the witch in the family, she decides to eliminate her with the help of her friends so she can be the witch and can have Zach which is Jean’s crush .

Just like the Jinx, The Craft is centered to a girl named Sarah, a new girl in the city. Sarah wants to be the “it girl” and wants the guy she likes to be hers. She made friends with 3 girls which practices witch crafts and helped her aspirations to be reality. When she realised that what she have done is all wrong and decided to leave the coven, her friends also decided to eliminate her.

When you read the book and watch the movie, you can see all the similarities such as:

  1. Both new girls transferred to the big city to escaped from their past.

  2. The same reason why both girls escaped from their past. 

  3. Witchcraft

  4. Both girls are drawn into the coven.

  5. And etc…

Alas, the book Jinx is more wholesome and light while the movie The Craft is more intense and dark. We don’t know whether Meg Cabot based the book from The Craft movie or the movie was inspired by the book Jinx, either way both are fun to watch! Cos you know: magic, spells, witches! Who wouldn’t miss that? :) 

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