My fave: Rozen Garden Bistro

Friday, October 24, 2014

One Saturday afternoon, my cousin and I were in a hunting for a new coffee shop in the city to shoot and dine. We had our little adventure in the streets while wearing heels! Can you believe that?! That moment when we almost give up, we found this place: Rozen Garden Bistro. The place is small, but it’s cozy and I easily felt home. When we were there, we practically own the place, well except for the guy who works there. :D But you get my point.

The place is just lovely! I love the interior and there’s a vintage piano that still works. Believe me, my cousin played on it. And oh there’s this vinyl player but it doesn’t work tho, plus there’s some vintage photographs which I totally admire. I love everything!!!!

We had pancakes and fruit shakes which is not in the photos above. But this place has become my favorite that I keep coming back bringing my friends either to work or just chill. I tell you their dragon fruit shake and garlic chicken is to die for! When it comes to the price, it’s affordable. Really. Thir food is yummy and affordable! Also, they have fast wifi which I think is a need in every resto or coffee shops.

I’m just in love with this place. I’m planning to go back one of these days and I just can’t wait! :)

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