Recent Reads: 4 YA books in a week!

Friday, November 21, 2014

I love how my life has been lately, it’s in routine but I tell you it’s blissfully happy. I’m quite surprised that I’m feeling happy these past few days despite nothing grand happened whatsoever. I believe it’s the simplicity of my life right know. Oh yes! And on the account that I only have to deal pain in the ass kind of day once a week, and that day is Saturday. Yeah, review took the weekends away from me but I don’t mind that much for the whole week i’m spending my time doing what I love most. Reading.

Reading a bunch of horror and scary books, I have to get away from it stat for it starts to haunt me in my sleep. I’m quite the scaredy-cat really. After that I needed something light to read, a feel good book. One after another after another, I just can’t stop! I’m really surprised that I’ve read 4 books in less than a week. A big achievement for moi!

Here are the books that I’ve read this week:

  • Royally Lost by Angie Stanton
The story revolves around Becca who was dragged by her family to Europe for a family vacation and Nikolai who’s the crowned prince of Mondovia and decided to ditch his royal responsibility for freedom. They met by fate in one of the most beautiful place, from there on sparks fly and they had the most exciting adventure of their lives while incognito.

  • The Swap by Megan Shull
The story has two POV’s, one of Ellie, the other for Jack. Ellie’s best friend turned into a mean girl, and she is having a hard time at school and at home. All she wishes is to be someone else. Now there is Jack. The boy every middle school girl wants. But what no one in school knows is that Jack’s life at home is rough, his father is into military kind of discipline. And he thinks girls has it easy… Until one day his body is switch with Ellie’s.

  • My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
The Garrets and the Reeds are neighbors, and Sam’s mother hates the Garrets for they’re the opposite of the Reeds.: Loud, messy, affectionate. And every day from her rooftop perch, Samantha Reed watches them. One summer evening, Jase Garrett climbs up next to her and changes everything. And even though Sam’s mom told her to never ever have contact with them she can’t resist to ignore them especially Jase.

  • Meant to be by Lauren Morrill
Meant To Be is about a girl, Julia, who goes on a class trip, to see all the places she’s always wanted to see, and ends up with an annoying partner. She’s excited yet nervous. But it gets even worst when she’s partnered up with Jason. He’s the class clown, annoying, does everything wrong, and just plain irritating, at least to Julia. But as they get along, she learns the other side of Jason. She also begins receiving mysterious romantic text from a hot Brit, but deep down she still thinks of Max, her childhood crush as her meant to be. However, she doesn’t expect London to change her perspective of love and meant to be!

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