Life Lessons Learned in the Year 2014

Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014 was all about traveling, life lessons learned, meeting new friends, and most of all feeling grateful of all the tiny blessings I have received. It has been a roller coaster ride for me, well just like I said last year and the year before that. But all those experiences, good or bad, made me a better person I am today. Sure i’m still working on a few things like my insecurities and pessimism, it’s not easy living with bipolar but I have grown up and I can say I am now a better version of me. Now, you really have to give me a gold medal in surviving the whole year of ups and downs. :)

Here are the things that I learned in the year 2014:

Surround yourself with positive people.

Before, I have been with people whom I thought who cares for me but it turned out they were the one who dragged me down. Shifting to a new course of life had been a blessing in disguise. I now realise that when I thought I was rejected from something, God has actually led me to something better. I’m now in a place where i’m genuinely happy with the right people. This year I am more blessed to be reunited with my best friends and met people who are now my best friends. The bottom line is: Be with people who see the greatness within you, who are positive, and who would uplift you even during the times you doubt yourself. Those are the people worth keeping.

Go out of your comfort zone.

I have been blessed enough to travel and try new things this year which are truly life changing. I discovered that I just have to go out there and let fate bring me to the adventures of a lifetime, let my feet bring me somewhere amazing. And of course to try things that scare the hell out of me! You’ll never know how strong you are until you try things that you have never tried before. As they say: "You have never fully lived unless you go out of your comfort zone."  

This year was my first time to go out of the country; we got lost, met some travelers and locals, experienced goodness from strangers, got annoyed with loud and rude tourists, had mishaps, enjoyed the breathtaking scenery, etc. I also had a Walter Mitty experience when we climbed Sanchez Peak, together with my cousins and Ali. These adventures have taught me so many things. I know my experiences are not as great as other travelers but I know that I belong out there and I am a wayfarer of this world.

Choose your battles.

There are always people who will provoke you and will do their best to bring out the beast inside you, 2014 has taught me to never always give in and never let those people affect you. It doesn’t mean that you’re a coward but it means that you’re mature enough to know better in ignoring the toxic people in life. It’s about choosing your battles, knowing when to stay quiet and when to fight.

Anything worth having doesn't come easy.

Honestly, I always complain of how life is so unfair and how the universe conspire me with the things I need and want. But the thing is nothing will happen if you just sit all day and keep on complaining. It takes action. Yes life is indeed unfair and it will throw canon balls at you, but Allah gives difficult battles to the strongest soldiers. To tell you honestly I am still working on my insecurities (achievements, physically and financially) but I’m getting better, i’m getting there. I always remind myself that others’ journey is different from mine and my time will come soon too. I will be in the place I've always wanted to be.

Spend your money wisely. 

I have been a reckless spender in 2014 - spending money on semi useless things and having no savings. This is something I have to work on this 2015. I must budget my money wisely, save some for future purposes and future adventures.

Let it go.

I had my fair share losing dearest friends who used to be really really close to me. One day they’re gone without saying goodbye, some just stopped inviting me with their bonding sessions. They left me hanging and confused. Yes it hurts big time, knowing the girls who used to be your absolute best friends, are now strangers. I cried and whipped, But I realised why would I burden myself when I haven’t done anything wrong. That’s just life is, people come and go into your life and fate leads you to different paths. I can’t wait that long for answers. I learned to let go freely and concentrate on people who chose to stay in my life. It eased everything. "Friends leave and life goes on."

Letting go of all negativity, this is also i’m working on. I am thankful to have Ali who reminds me of the beautiful things in life and constantly telling me that everything will be alright.

The best relationship does not only entail love but as well as understanding, compromising, and communicating.

Relationships isn’t always smooth sailing. Sometimes it’s rough and stormy. There’s a point in a relationship where your ideas and opinions don’t match and you fight for different points of view. It’s even harder when you’re tons of miles away from each other. At the end you need time to think alone and afterwards talk it over. Compromise. Meeting half way. Trials made our relationship stronger as an individual and as a couple.

I am scared and at the same time excited of what’s in store for me this 2015. Bismillah. I’ll do my best to make in a better and greater year for me. One thing’s for sure I will chase my dream this year. I hope for peace of mind, success in the path I chose, and to travel more.

Let’s make all our dreams come true this year! Shall we?

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