Drift N' Shift DIner

Thursday, February 12, 2015

From the world we have today, we face different kinds of people and mostly ones, we barely witness or experience act of kindness and generosity. Still, I believe in goodness of strangers, cos I firsthand experience some and I know you are too! The other day I went to a glass shop, the one that makes glass for mirrors and table etc., I brought some glass for the windows to be cut and the people there are so nice that they didn’t charge me a cent. I’m just lucky and thankful to experience simple kindness from strangers! Someday, if fate permits, I will travel the world and wander around and maybe I may again discover kindness from a stranger’s heart.
But this is not an “act of kindness from strangers” story, this is about a diner that I visited after finishing some errands that day. It was my second time there at Drift N Shift, I was with my love back then when I first visited here. I just have few photos cos 1. My phone’s only 1% and 2. I was shy to roam around to take some pictures.

The place is not that big, and it’s beside a car wash, but you’ll be amazed with the interiors. It’s really obvious that a gent owns the place, it’s really manly with its car interiors. There are car parts decoration on the walls and also flags, the chairs are made of car seats and some tables are also made of car parts, even their faucet is made of a car’s engine. Thus, there are some vintage cars display that you can see.
This diner is famous for their burgers, and if you’re in town you must try to visit this place. I ordered the classic cheeseburger and carbonara cos I was that famished. See how can I not lose some weight?! Their burger is mouthwatering and the carbonara is okay I guess. I was lucky to have the place all by myself! Haha.

I killed my time by finishing Lola and The Boy Next Door while eating my enormous meal. Anyway, I’ll definitely be back here with my friends to try their barkada burger.

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