Study Table Wishlist

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I am the kind of person who treats my study nook as my safe haven, my comfort zone. For me, having a study nook or study table is a need. Well first it's where I study, read books, or make my paper works. Second, it's where I eat. Hahaha. Third, it's where I post my schedules and important reminders. Who doesn't need study table? Everyone-must-have-a-study-nook! You just have to! It's a necessity! :D

Anyway, though I already have a study nook, it's far from perfect. Some of the cute stuff I want are not available here in GenSan (*insert sad face). Hopefully i'll find some of the pieces I want to make my dream study nook come to life. Lol.

Without further ado, here are my study table wishlist:

WHITE DESK: I’ve always longed a desk like that one - so vintage and elegant!

WHITE COMFY CHAIR: Need I not to explain! This is essential. But the white one can add class and elegance too.

FRESH FLOWERS IN A VASE: For someone who loves fresh flowers, this is a must. Imagine the smell of fresh flowers while you’re studying! Hence, wilting flowers are pretty too! Or plastic ones would do.

DOG BOOK ENDS: The minute I saw this I fell in love with it! This is just too cute! I’m actually looking for one right now. Anyway, having bookends will make my books organized cos if you must know, I’m such a messy person!

BOOK CLOCK: When reading a book or doing something, it’s like time stops and you’ll be shocked on how long you’ve been sitting in your desk. So a desk clock is a must, and it’s cute cos of the pastel colors.

LAPTOP: Seriously mine is already 5 years old so I am in dire need of a new one.

MUG: Whether you use it for drinking coffee or penholder, mugs are a must in a study table.

FLORAL LAMP: Sometimes fluorescent lamp makes our eyes hurt, and lamps are just perf for late night study sessions or reading books. Plus floral lamp adds elegance in the desk.

CORK BOARD: Well, this is a total must have, for us not to be forgetful for the things we must do, or it may just contains photographs and quotes that inspires you. It never goes wrong!

STORAGE BOXES: These is to store all the art materials, crafts, and school supplies, to reduce clattered things on the desk. And it’s pastel!

How about you? What is your study table wishlist? :)

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  1. Indeed. I have just transferred to another house and i am planning to do everything from scratch. and this means more spending. T____T

    1. IKR. hihihi. Sige lng, we just have to use our creativity. Home tour please! hihihi.
      I always visit abeautifulmess and apartmenttherapy for inspiration, and some blogs pa pala. hihi
      Have fun decorating! <3

  2. WOuld love to have a new laptop too! :) And I love that weiner dog book ends! SO cute!

    1. Hihi. Hope we'll have new lappys sooooon. Oh yes, been looking for one but i can't find any and the ones in ebay are expensive huhu

  3. I need all these stuff! :( I don't have a desk anymore ever since I graduated from high school so I always just blog while on the bed. It's kinda tiring sometimes and my back hurts already I don't know if it's because of the way I sit down or I'm just really getting old! Hahaha!

    I've always wanted to have a cactus in my room, preferably on my desk because there's something about it that cheers me up. It's like having a pet in the room with you, but it's a plant. Haha. I think I also need a new laptop because I broke mine a few years ago. I just borrow my sister's when I blog. :(

    Roxanne ♥ | Awkward Turtle

    1. Hahaha. That made me laugh. You're definitely not old! :D Are you staying at your dorm? Relate much, Rox. I make computer works or I blog in my bed too sometimes and my back would really hurt. I'm in love with cactus and succulents to btw! :) They are just therapeutic. <3

      Anyway, I hope you'll have new laptop and study table soon. Inshaallah. In our generation these are needs na. hihi

  4. Joyce! Try myclosetmonster on instagram! I some cute book ends the last time i checked. Im not sure if they have the dog design, but maybe you can preorder or something. Hihi. -Yna

    1. Hi doc! :) already followed them and gosh all their items are to die for! Hihi. I saw an owl bookends. Someday i'll order one hihi