Shades of Brown

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

And... Another outfit post! Hahaha. Lately, I am fond of dressing up. I am in love with matching different hijabs with my outfit, creating hues that would go together. In this outfit post, as you can see it's all about the color brown. I don't know but it  just came up! :D

It was after lunch when we went out of the house to run some errands and I tell you the weather was such a bummer. It was scorching hot! The weather here in GenSan has been really really really hot which is quite a burden for all hijabis since we're wearing long sleeves or covered-up clothes.  Initially, I wanted my photos to be taken at the flower field since we dropped by there to buy some flowers but sadly the husband was a bit tired for photo shoots :(. Anyway, it was twilight when we took these photographs at our neighborhood, and I think it was perfect because the orange hues are reflecting which matches my outfit. I apoligise for the not so pretty background tho, there are no pretty places in the neighborhood where we can take pretty photographs. But I think this will do... Hahaha.

As you have noticed I am a fan of thrift shops and affordable clothes. And I was sooo happy when I found that white top in Unitop, it was the last piece and I just have to get it! The funny thing is I saw a same top in a boutique and it costs Php 500 and the one I bought only costs Php 230 so it's a total catch!

What I Wore:

Hijab: Gmall
Top: Unitop
Belt: Gmall
Square Pants: Djam Fashion Wear
Flats: Parisian
Bag: Secosana

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  1. Love your pants! Hahaa! Because it's maroon? :P AHAHA! Nice one joyce.

  2. I'm not one to wear brown but your outfit is gorgeous, love those pants! Also love your head scarf, gorgeous. x

  3. I don't wear brown that much but you killed it, girl! You look so fab and you're so gorgeous. ♥ I wish I would have the courage to become as fab as you. xx

    Roxanne ♥ | Awkward Turtle

  4. You're so gorgeous even with everything covered up. That's just what I really love about your style. :) Love the white top, too! I've been trying to score the same top but I haven't found one in Unitop haha

    Mimi | The Foxy Heroine

    1. thank you so so much mi! hihi. I hope you can score a top like that too. Anyway I sent you an email :)

  5. You look great! And yay for getting a good deal on your top haha. I miss thrifting!