Bits & Pieces: My Kind of Sunday

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Last Sunday, May, 3, 2015 was one of the most awaited day for all boxing fanatics and to everyone who knows PacMan, of course especially us Filipinos. I know you guess it right! It's Manny Pacquiao's fight versus Mayweather. 

Fact: Did you know every time Manny 'PacMan' Pacquiao has a fight, the Philippines has zero crime rate? 

I woke up 7:30 in the morning the sunlight greeting me with the brightest hello. After I freshen up, I headed to the kitchen to help my mom with all the cooking. Yes, every PacMan fight my dearest relatives would come over and all of us would watch the fight together. After awhile they came and we help each other prepare for our mini gathering while having chitchats. Believe it or not, when Filipinos have mini gatherings, be prepared for it'll be a big feast.

And the time has come, all the food has been been prepared and we gathered in our little living room patiently waiting for  PacMan's entrance. Our uncle was one of the pastors who sang the Philippine national anthem and we were busy taking pictures of him in the TV. Haha.

Our home was jam packed and very unlikely from its quiet state. Shouting here and there every time Manny throws some punches. During the second half almost every one is silent, nervous of what the result might be. And after the fight all our hearts were shattered. My uncles gathered in our front porch having a discussion about the fight while watching the replay, while us the young ones watched Crazy Beautiful You to heal our wounds. Haha

Afterwards, my love and I then prepared his luggage for his flight to Manila that afternoon then to Saudi during dawn. After everything's set, we headed to the airport and bid our good byes. Oh hello LDR! :(

It's a bittersweet kind of Sunday to be honest. Bitter because of Manny's loss and of course because it'll be months till Ali and I will see each other. PacMan may not be the winner but one thing's for sur,e he won our hearts. And just by being a residence of GenSan, I feel lucky and honored to be his kababayan. I've met PacMan twice personally (feeling close lang ang peg haha) and the last time was during a party at my uncle's home, he was very approachable and I can truly say he's a good man. He truly is...

Going back, it's sweet because I was entertained by Jimmy Kimmel joining PacMan's entourage, also having my relatives around with full of laughter, lastly before Ali left we bonded just the two of us.

I've realized that this post is more more about Pacquiao, ahaha, maybe i'm still having that post PacMan fight syndrome or something like that. Haha. I hope I didn't bore you, dear reader... How was your Sunday? Did you also watched the fight of the century?

I'm leaving you with a photo of our champ during that party that I mentioned above, as I remember he was sharing his experiences in life and how he found the way back into God. In my opinion, it was kind of a bible study? 

I hope everyone's having a good day! 

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  1. I wish I had someone to watch the fight with but my boyfriend dropped me off at home the morning of and was too nervous to watch (haha). I was rooting for him but I knew Mayweather was going to win anyway. =/

    1. Oh that's okay, maybe next time you can watch Manny's fight with your boyfriend. Yes, I knew Mayweather was gonna win but I was still hoping that Manny would :(