Cozy & Quaint: Cafe Sienna

Friday, May 15, 2015

One thing i'm fond of doing is coffee shop hopping! And coffee shops here in General Santos City are growing like mushrooms. Every time one opens, it's jam packed with people especially teenagers. And I think that's a good thing! Having more coffee shops in the city means more places for pampering, relaxing, and more varieties of coffee and food to choose from. 

Cafe Sienna is only a few blocks from our home, it just opened a few weeks ago and every time i'm on my way home, this quaint little coffee shop always catches my eye. So one night, Mariel a friend of mine and I decided to give this cafe a try. 

The cafe has a classy yet cozy vibe and I really love how it has this calming ambiance. Also, I love how it's a bit dim unlike other coffee shops where it's all bright, the hues and ambiance has this relaxing effect. Overall, the interior is amazing! If you're someone who loves to get your work done while having a cup of coffee, read a book on a quiet environment, or just simply relax, this is the right place for you.

We ordered Iced coffee and spaghetti. Their spaghetti is to die for and i'm obsessed with it! It has chicken chunks and chicken ham, it's also creamy and so worth it for Php 180. Their coffee (Organo Gold) has that certain kick that you can say it's really organic. All their food and coffee, aside from being organic, are also Halal. They don't serve pork at all! Yey! Also, their services are excellent and the owner is very accommodating so that's a plus. He also gave me a free Organo coffee and I just can't wait to try it out!

I would definitely go back to Cafe Sienna for a sultry coffee time! :)

Cafe Sienna:
Tiongson St. Lagao, front of Tiongson Arcade

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  1. Most cafes I stumble across don't sell "real" food, just snacks and beverages, so it's really cool that this one has it all! I'm so jealous of how cafes are just popping up where you are :P I need to go into the city and roam around, which I don't always have the time to do, but when I do finally get around to cafe hopping, it's always so much fun! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Hi, A! I believe there's a lot of nice coffee shops there, hihi, and i can't wait to read all about your coffee shop hopping. Inshaallah.

    2. Hi Joyce! I am glad you did a wonderful review of Cafe Sienna. I am so excited to let you taste the Four Seasons Delight and Pineapple Delight Cheesecake. Please drop by soon. Im giving you discount for giving wonderful review of the coffee shop.

      -Cafe Sienna Owner

  2. OMG yes! I also love cafe/coffee shop hopping not because I'm addicted to coffee (I stopped drinking coffee regularly because of my hyper-acidity) but because I love sweets. Trying out new flavors of frappe is also awesome especially when there are peculiar flavors available! :) Gen San is so far from home though, but I hope I'll be able to find a cafe like this near my home. xx

    Roxanne ♥ | Awkward Turtle

    1. Hi, Rox! I don't drink coffee everyday cos i'm having palpitations. hahaha. Yes, especially cheese cake. Yum! I hope you''ll find a nice coffee shop there. Can't wait to read all about it :)

  3. I've tried Organo Gold here in KL too, but I'm not sure if it's the same one! also, your blog is so pretty x


    1. Maybe it is? hihihi Thank you so so much, Sharon :)

  4. The spaghetti sounds appetizing.

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