Gwapaha Medical Spa Experience

Friday, June 12, 2015

Ms. Kate of the Gwapaha Medical Spa invited the SOX Bloggers to experience their services. Imagine my excitement when Sir Avel sent me a message! But before I tell you about my experience, let me tell you about Gwapaha Medical Spa.

Gwapaha Medical Spa is the first luxury medical spa in General Santos City offering state-of-the-art beauty and wellness treatments (non-surgical, surgical and therapeutic) founded and managed by Dr. Teresita Rerrariz, FPDS, FPSCS Board certified, Internationally trained dermatologic/cosmetic surgeon. Gwapaha Medical Spa offers the latest in international dermatology, cosmetic surgery, spa and aesthetics services. 
They represent the best Filipino spa and cosmetic medical expertise set in tasteful Filipino interiors. They aim to enhance the natural beauty of their clients, boost their confidence, and bring about a change for the betterment of the life of their clients so that not one person needs to be sad about their physical attributes.

When I arrived there, Kyrie (my spa buddy) was already there, I was greeted by their friendly staff, they were so friendly and accommodating. We met Dr. Ferrariz and she suggested some procedures that suits us, and that's Glycolic + Facial (Php 1,500) for me since my face that time was bursting with pimples and impurities due to stress and lack of sleep. Afterwards, Ms. Kate gave us a tour around the spa...

If you want to have a relaxing private time with your partner or group of friends, this room is right for you. It has everything! From Jacuzzi to hot and cold shower to comfy massage beds. Also, the room smells heaven! 

The room (refer to the photo above) is where the magic happens. Hahaha. Yes, this is where facials and other procedures are done. The room is very clean and the bed is actually comfy. Also, Ms. Kate assured us that all the materials and tools they're using are clean and sterilized. So you don't have to worry if you're an OC kind of person. 
We then started the procedure, the facial therapist made me lie down and explained what I might feel during the procedure. I just wish she included what the procedure is all about, the advantages, the do's and don'ts and etc so that I can fully understand it all. Nevertheless, she was nice and gentle all throughout the procedure, when a tear dropped from my eye she told me "sandali nalang to ma'am, tiis ganda lang po" so that made me laugh. When it's all done, she showed me what she "harvested" in my face and gave info's on what will happen for the next few days.
The procedure lasted for an hour if i'm not mistaken. Overall, I really like Gwapaha Medical Spa. They're a bit a pricey if you compare them to other spas in the city, but not that bad considering the quality of their services and their high end equipment.

The photo above is their waiting room where you can watch TV or read magazines while waiting for your turn, plus they give their customers free tea! :D

Gwapaha Medical Spa is located at 2/F JMP Arcade, San Miguel St., General Santos City. You can contact them: (+6383) 552-2002.

If you have tried Gwapaha's services, please don't hesitate to share your experience in the comments below. I'm sure your thoughts will be a great help to those who are interested with their services.

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