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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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Nowadays, muslimah and hijab shops are growing like mushrooms. And sometimes with all these shops, the common problem is who sells quality hijabs and clothing. I'm proud to say that I found one! The Sweet Laces by J is my new favorite shop. They offer quality scarves and instant hijabs as well as muslim dresses with affordable to reasonable price.

I was so happy when they sent me these hijabs! And i'll tell you what I like as well as dislike with these hijabs.

  • The variety of hijabs they're selling. I'm a sucker for pastel colors and I tell you hijabs with these kind are quite hard to find. So I was surprised when I saw lots of hijabs and dresses with pastel colors while browsing their IG feed.
  • It's affordable! Most of their hijabs costs Php 300 but wait... What if I tell you with that price the shipping fee is free that is if you're living in the Philippines. It's awesome right?! :)
  • I also love the quality of their hijabs. The stitches are good and I can really say it's matibay.


  • Honestly, I have none! I love everything about this shop. I just wish they would offer more hijab designs as well as viscose hijabs tho.

I'm in love with this scarf! Yes i'm a sucker for pastel colors and florals. This scarf is made of chiffon, 2 meters long. It's in the color light blue with pink and white florals. I have no words for it other than I love love love it!

This is an instant hijab, good for those who are always in a hurry. But I suggest you wear an inner with this instant hijab to fully cover your hair. I also love the color. The cloth is soft but not as soft as the other scarf, i'm not exactly sure what kind of cloth it is. Alas, I love it!

Instagram: Sweetlacesbyj
Facebook: Sweet Laces by J

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  1. I love instant hijabs! I feel like I have way too many though, I gave a whole trash bag full to the masjid the other day. D:

  2. Looking great Joyce! :) I always love your fashion sense!

  3. J!!! You're so pretty. love the first photo, ma sha Allah. <3

    Kai | http://www.lilpink.info

  4. You look lovely, Ate Joyce! :) I personally like the floral one. Hihi.
    Indie Kitty

  5. Their headscarves are so pretty. You look beautiful <3

    Noor | Noor's Place