#ChangingLives: How PLDT changed my life

Friday, April 15, 2016

I grew up in a generation where internet and use of mobile phones are considered as needs. I remember when I was in high school, I used to ask my mom to buy me PLDT internet cards during weekends. It was friendster and nickelodeon blog kind of days. Oh memories! Internet lines were not yet that established here in our region. We, I for one, have witnessed how far internet has developed from internet cards to high speed internet data.

With PLDT and technology, they are hand-in-hand in changing our lives for the better making it more convenient. Whoever you are and whatever you do - traveler, teacher, model, businessman, student, artist, etc. - they have offers to make your life easy as pie. As for me, PLDT Group helped me in achieving my goals. As a part-time blogger, I need high speed internet in writing blog posts, sharing my thoughts and photos on different social media platforms, and especially in attending events here in our city. PLDT Group also opened a lot of doors for the small and regional bloggers like me. I must say it empowered and inspired me to do the best that I can, to inspire other pinay muslimas in terms of fashion and lifestyle, share my travels, and more. It allowed me to discover myself more, express myself, and connect with others around the world.

For all of these, thanks PLDT Group. It excites me of what more you have to offer in the mere future.

Changing Lives to change the world

Face-to-face conversations that span thousands of miles.
Moments recorded in a snap.
Businesses made more competitive on the global stage.
We’ve been changing the way you do things.
Changing the way you live.
Your trust has powered us to innovate for the future.
That’s why together, we can change the world

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  1. When I was still in my hometown, I was so mad about our internet connection because I couldn't just maintain my blog but when we moved here in Bataan, my mom decided to have an internet connection from PLDT and it changed how I'm living. I love the faster connection I'm having at the moment than the one I had back then. Although I may not experience the fast internet connection in abroad but I'm still thankful that I can do important stuff like doing research, finishing my school related stuff, entertaining myself by other social media platforms, Youtube videos and movies that I can download and of course, my passion which is blogging. Thanks to PLDT! :)

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit