Suicide is bravery

Friday, July 22, 2016

A lot of people say that Suicide is a cowardly act. I totally disagree. The one thing that is a constant source of  fear in humanity, is death. No one knows what happens when you die. Is there an after life? A heaven or a hell? Are we reborn? Or do we simply disappear?

Many of us are preoccupied with our own death and the preparations there of. We write wills years in advance, we buy life insurance, we go to church and pray in hopes that through redemption we will obtain a better place in the afterlife that may or may not exist. We as humans fear death. It is something that we cannot explore, we can not collect any data on or conduct any experiments on with any type of accuracy. It will forever remain a mystery.

Those who choose suicide are not cowards, they have chosen to dive into the source of the greatest uncertainty: death. They say no to life itself, and they have the courage to end everything. A rejection of the entire world. They do something we're too chicken to do. The most courage any human can ever muster.  And we often resent them for it. Because they say no to all of us, to all of us who persist in living. They undermine our pathetic belief in life. How could they? How dare they? 

It's a brave thing to do! I can't imagine a greater existential decision: to decide this life is not for you. To set yourself apart from all others, in choosing death instead of life. How many of us give ourselves that choice? How many of us dare to take our lives that far? 

Why do they say no to life? Because for them, living is not worthy. Life is too crappy to merit a fart. They feel this way because they are depressed. So depressed, there is no more pleasure in being alive; only persistent, absolute pain. And no advice from the living can help.

I know about that.

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  1. Hello, Joyce. I missed you! Hope you still remember me. 😊😍

    I love this post, I totally agree that committing suicide is an act of bravery. I could still remember those days I suffered from depression and the night I want to commit suicide, but I told myself that I'm not strong enough to end my life. I'm not strong enough to hurt myself physically.

    Joyce, I hope you're okay, and life is treating you well. You're amazing, remember that. :)

    1. Of course! Why would I forget you. The girl behind the words that inspired me to write. I missed you Jonine! <3 How are you?
      I'm getting there, hopefully i'll be out from the black hole soon.

  2. Hang in there Joyce, you are braver than the bravery that suicide is. You know, there are lots of us out there who cares about you; family, friends and even random strangers like me who pop into your blog every now and then to see if you have updated... Hang in there and be happy