The art of Hijabi-fying

Monday, October 31, 2016

 Modest fashion has evolved over the years, from traditional fashion such as wearing plain abayas and kaftans to creative modern fashion such as accessorizing abayas and wearing colorful hijabs. We modern hijabis are creating new urban landscapes, with our creative juices we show the world that there is more than just a hijab and that we can look amazing and fashionable despite being covered or modest. We are game changers, we're not afraid to change the negative mindset of people about Islam and show the people through fashion that there is beauty in Islam as well as modesty.

Modest clothes are not easy to find especially when you're living in a Catholic dominant country like me so online shopping is my life saver. And goood thing I found StyleWe, They offer wide range of clothes that we muslimahs can hijabify!

Whenever I see a cute top or a sleeveless dress that is too cute to let go of, I always think of ways on how to make it modest or how to hijabify it as they say. So I came up with different looks using hijabifying garments from StyleWe:

Elegant look

If you want a look that would fit in any kind of formal events, it may be weddings or birthday party, this is the look for you! The red and black dress will stand out with all these gold accessories. 

Bohemian Chic

If you love bohemian or anything boho, this is the perfect look! A lot of neutral tones and of course a tribal kimono. You wouldn't look bohemian without kimono! :)

Rocker Hijabi

Not all hijabis are girly, so if you're the kind of girl who loves rock n' roll, this look is for you! 

Carefree look

If you just want to go shopping or catch up with friends, you can never go wrong with this look. It's carefree so it's easy to carry and walk around.

Whether you're going to a party, catch up with friends, or whatever your style is you can find everything @ Stylewe. If you'll ask me i'm on the bohemian and carefree fashion. How about you? What's your style?

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