Beautiful Modest Fashion Styles To Follow This Autumn

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Assalamualaikum everyone! 
I'm very very happy to have a guest writer here in my blog, it's a first but nonetheless i'm happy to have Sarah here in my blog.  I know it's a bit late for Autumn but hey it's not yet over! So, I hope you'll enjoy reading Sarah's article below:

Autumn – The Earth’s cool transition from the hot summers to the chilly winters. As exciting as this transition is, it’s get pretty confusing to decide what to wear in this weather. We personally love the combination of summer and winter outfits for Fall. So take out your winter outerwear staples – your coats, cardigans, sweaters, jackets and all. And combine them with your favourite summer outfits like your shirts, skirts, maxis and so on. It’s a truly experimental approach and allows you to create some new and unique outfits, by making good use of the items that are just lying around in your wardrobe.

Chic and Warm Hijab Styles

Forget those thin lace or chiffon hijabs as well as those chunky pashminas, Fall is the ideal time for cotton. It’s a light weight fabric which is really breathable and also keeps you protected from the cold. You can find cotton hijabs in almost any colour, but since it’s Fall and there will be those wonderful golden-maroon leaves all around, we recommend wearing colours that will help you blend in well with this deep and warm Autumn colour palette.
One of the colours that you must try this Fall is Sangria, which is a deep purplish-red colour and looks amazing in this season. When it comes to hijab styles, forget the loose and drapery styles and instead go for ones which tightly cover your face. Opt for hijabs that are longer in length so you can wrap them more than once around your head or instead, around your shoulders. If you don’t have any long ones then you can always add a scarf.
For a professional work look, try wearing your hijab with a matching blazer and it’ll truly solve your Autumn dilemma of choosing between looking good and staying warm. Another great idea is to wear a sweater with one of your midi skirts and long boots and it might just become your favourite look!

Modest Outfits

If you have been wearing skirts in Summers, then you can easily continue wearing them in Fall – all you need are some simple modifications. For instance, wear them with tights for greater protection from the cold. Or add in a jacket or a fur scarf for a swag look.
This of course means that there’s absolutely no need to look for new clothes for the season, you can surely keep your favourite Summer outfits and wear them by accessorizing them for a new and different look.
If you wore your favourite dress with heels in Summer, wear it again with the Autumn shoes – mainly boots, a jacket and a scarf and it’ll feel like a totally different outfit.

Less is More

Fall is the only season where the ‘less is more’ mantra truly applies. You don’t want to overdo things in Fall, instead, opt for the minimalist fashion. But this doesn’t mean that your outfits must be boring, instead, go for a simple and unique look. Don’t forget to layer both your outfit and your hijab, so you stay warm as the weather gets chillier.
Just by adding a cardigan, you can create so many different looks for example by tying it around your waist, or wearing a belt on it. The point is that for Fall fashion, all you need is your favourite outfits and some creativity to create modest and chic looks.
Remember that Autumn is all about minimalist fashion, making it an ideal time to experiment with different modest outfits. We hope that you found our tips and suggestions inspiring and that they’ll continue to guide you throughout the season.
About the authorSarah is a hijabista and fashion consultant at Modanisa. She is really keen on modern, yet modest Islamic wear for women, and she’s always trying out new hijab trends and styles.

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  1. I soooo love the part of the title that says--Modest Fashion Styles! I only read a few articles with this theme around it <3

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  2. Autumn is truly magical for a lot of reasons. :) Great collab/guest post! | Bloglovin' | Instagram