Ma' Rosa, A film by Brillate Ma Mendoza

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I am the kind of person who would favor Indie Films and Documentaries than movies like the Little Bossings and Boy Girl Bakla. Because i'd rather weep to movies which are deep and meaningful than entertaining but shallow ones.
And I was very intrigued with Ma'Rosa. It looks promising!

What is this movie all about?

ROSA, owns a small community convenient store connected to their home in the slums of Metropolitan Manila. Together with her husband, NESTOR, they use their convenient store as cover-up for selling illegal narcotic, Methamphetamines. Their fate changes when their neighbor sets them up for a police raid leading to the couple’s arrest; a ploy for extortion. Backed against the wall, Rosa seeks help from her children, JACKSON, RAQUEL, and KERWIN as they do the daunting task to buy their parent’s freedom. 

Director’s Treatment

Ma’ Rosa” shows us a glimpse of a Filipino family set on a typical district in Manila, giving us a slice of life in a community. The whole film was treated like a documentary film with a strong feel of realism, using found objects and locations in production design. But what seems to be a simple production endeavor is actually a formidable challenge to any filmmaker because even though this was filmed in a minimalist manner, the truth is we are still doing a feature film with real actors trained in different acting disciplines of acting.

In able for us to capture the precision raw emotions, I told them to throw away everything that they have learned in their acting profession and just act plain and natural as their characters since they should blend with non-actors on screen. Furthermore, the actors were never given a copy of the script and was only directed based on how I commute the script. Dialogs were delivered very naturally as they depend on their personal instincts throughout the film.

In fact, sequences were filmed in the same order as the story so that the actors should feel the plight if their character as the shooting progresses. The feeling of uncertainty must materialize on screen as the editing subscribers to the main character’s point-of-view as we follow her accounts of what transpired on that evening. 


Watch out for Ma'Rosa on SM Cinemas nationwide this December. 
There will be a launch on December 6 at the SM City GenSan Event Center, 5:00 PM.

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  1. Wow, the premise really looks promising. Good thing it's available in SM Cinemas! Most movies like this don't really make it to the malls, hehe.

    Ochi | Ochi In The City