Anna, Lola, & Isla

Sunday, January 29, 2017

I'm a big fan of Stephanie Perkins. Her books make me giggle with happiness and squeal with adorableness starting from Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door, to Isla and the Happily Ever After. It makes me feel that teenage romance and makes me believe that forever exist. #MayForever


This book is ain't your average teen romance novel. It has the spark between two people, a slow and rich relationship build, great side characters, hilarious dialogue and writing. Anna is an every-girl with a heart for cinema and a lack of knowledge in French. She's funny and feisty, obsessed with cleanliness, she's a fantastic protagonist. Étienne is constantly at the center of the story. He's charming, everyone loves him, short, sexy, and wit. This book is a mixture of the romantic comedy and the romantic drama between two meant-for-each-other characters.


I am fascinated with Lola, she's eccentric and outrageous especially when it comes to fashion, a one of a kind indeed. However, I can't really relate and connect with her. I also adored Cricket, he's shy, smart, sincere, and he respects Lola in a real way. The two are completely different yet they make a lovely couple. This book is colorful and quirky that makes the reader's imagination  go wild.


After I finished Lola, I was too excited to read Isla that I ordered a copy from Book Depository right away because it was not yet available here in the Philippines. Among the three, this is my favorite. This is because I can simply relate with Isla, I know most of us girls can relate to her as well. Isla is a wonderfully complex character, she's shy, smart, deep, insecure, and passionate about love. With Josh, he's a rebel but passionate about art and love. On another note, I also love how people with disabilities like Kurt was acknowledged. This book is charming and sweet yet full of emotions that will surely catch the reader's heart.


These are the kinds of books that I will read over and over again, it's light but with bits of drama. I love that Stephanie Perkins has written about three different kinds of love story, each with their unique high and lows. And I completely adore how she connected each of the characters in every book. It's uniquely awesome!

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