Hello, it's been a while...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hello there! It's been quite a while since I posted something here. A lot has happened... I had A LOT on my shoulders that made blogging last on my list, I became uninspired and my passion for blogging slipped away. Some time two months ago, I even made this blog private for some personal reasons i'm too ashamed to share. Just remembering it makes me cringe a little bit. But i'm here, i'm back with a fresh start... Hopefully for good.

"To truly respect someone even when they’re wrong is to have a heart that wants to help them see, since their “wrongness” is often just the blindness of being behind. This sort of heart is open to seeing the best in another, that there is good on both sides, and that there could also be wrong in the self. It is a harder way, but it treats a person with dignity knowing they are not the enemy; rather they need a light to see further ahead where you are."

Life Lately

Life has been crazy and a lot was going on, good and bad. And I want to share it here not for lots of people to see (as if my life or whatever is fascinating to know) but for my future self. Memories to keep.
  1. Work especially paper works ate 70% of my time. I've spent sleepless nights and shed a river of tears just to finish all the IEP's, Reports, and Curriculum for my students. Being a SPED teacher is not easy as pie!
  2. For the first time in my life, I became an emcee. It was a nerve wracking but quite a nice experience.
  3. Saying good bye to my students was the hardest part. I cried like a baby during the moving up ceremony.
  4. So I decided to apply as a public school teacher. I had demo teaching, English proficiency test, and interview.
  5. It's a surreal feeling to watch one of my favorite books come to life, and I must say the series is better than the books.
  6. I love the fact that my sisters-in-law and I are pretty much close now.
  7. I was rank 6 in the RQA. After the results went out I was busy complying with all the requirements.
  8. Lately, I've been living a life away from the internet, enjoying the little things like reading books, gardening and spending time with my loved ones.
  9. I just finished watching Goblin. It's an amazing intro to the K-drama world. I'm in lo e with Gong Yoo!
  10. Lazy days are the best

Days from now, I will embark a journey of uncertainty. Wish me luck!

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