One morning at Gensan Fish Port

Monday, May 29, 2017

It was five in the morning when I snoozed off my alarm clock, hurriedly we went to fetch my cousin, and then we were on the road to GenSan Fish Port. This place is visited by tons of tourists and photographers mostly during Tuna Festival, and one of it is Kulas of Becoming Filipino where he carried a massive tuna out of a boat. Of course, it wasn't my first time, but it was a first for me at least to observe in depth the things and people there.

The place at this hour is very chaotic and crowded. And well it smells awful but hey what fish has a fragrant smell? None of course. If you want to see the GenSan Fishport come to life, as early as 4AM to 6AM is the best time to visit.

The fishport is divided into different markets and the pictures above is the place where export quality tunas are found.

We roamed around and took lots of photos. Every boat that we pass by, fishermen would wave and greet us, they were very very friendly. A group even invited us for a mini tour at their boat and we gladly said yes.

It was quite a different feeling talking to the fishermen who risk their lives just to assure us that our country’s tuna industry would continue to prosper. They spend months in the middle of the sea, away from their loved ones, with unjust compensation just so we can enjoy delicious tuna products. And yet the big players in the industry would just respond with “Ganun talaga.” Sad but true.

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  1. Awesome!!!! Would love to visit GenSan soon! I hope everything's alright down there. Please look after yourself all the time!