My BeautyMNL shopping experience: Korean skincare haul for acne prone skin

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A lot of skincare products are all over the market promising us with effective blemish free and radiant skin. But does it really work for your skin or skin type? What works for you may not work for another person. So finding your holy grail skincare products can be quite tricky. Especially for me that I have PCOS or Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome, and unfortunately it comes with hormonal breakouts. I've tried almost everything I can find at the drugstore and malls here in our city but I still haven't found "the one".

Lately, I've been craving to try out Korean skincare products because a lot of YouTubers go crazy about it, also because I'm a fan of K-dramas and I always envy their flawless skin. But the thing is I live in a small city so my options are limited. Thank goodness for online shopping, I can buy the things that I need (and want) at the end of my finger tips.

BeautyMNL's 5 Products That Help Control Hormonal Breakouts story got me curious and I decided to try it out. And also because I'm itchy to try out Korean skincare products.

So here are the products I've got:

It controls oil and clears recurring pimples with natural BHA, it also removes dead skin cells and acne-causing sebum buildup.
It is a kind of mask that moisturizes and energizes the skin. It also tightens and minimizes the pores.

This mask lifts away dead skin cells, dirt, and oils with volcanic ashes.
It's an organic product that helps dry up pimples and lighten dark areas.
This is a local brand/product, the only non-Korean product that I bought. I chose this because of this story from the Bloom The Magazine and of course from the reviews.

Here are the pros and cons of my shopping experience on BeautyMnl site:

  • It's very convenient. You don't have to go out to shop for the products that you need!
  • Options are endless. There are tons of products to choose from and the categories are organized. If you're looking for skincare treatment, organic products, or makeup, it's just one click away.
  • Informative! I love that each products have information like the best skin type for that certain products, usage, etc. There are also a lot of honest reviews to help you decide.
  • Fast delivery. I live in GenSan, southern part of Mindanao Philippines and I'm really surprised how fast I received the products. I got them after 5 working days only!
  • Bloom The Magazine. I'm so thankful for this that I found the skincare products that is right for my hormonal breakouts. Also, I had fun reading different stories and learn a lot of tips and tricks with makeup and skincare.

  • Based on my shopping experience, I only had a small glitch with entering my address but it was resolved by refreshing the page. Nonetheless, the rest was smooth process.

Other stories from Bloom The Magazine that I like:
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Watch: 6 Products That Shrink Pimples Before Anyone Notices
Watch: The 7-Step Anti-Acne Routine by CosRX

So far, I'm still testing out the products but I'll try to make a review maybe a month or two of using it all. Anyway, thanks for reading!

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  1. Want to try more of CosRX's BHA/AHA line but limiting my expenses lately. Haha. So far, their toner works so well for me (much better than the clarifying pad). Would love to read your review of the Skin Returning A-Sol once it's up! Oh, and I have the blindspot healing stick as well--got it also bec of the reviews and cheap price, though I haven't really used it much.

    xo, Lou | Caffeine Rush

    1. Hi, Lou! Will do. Yep, CosRX is way expensive for my lifestyle. Sayang, their products are good pa naman. haha

  2. How's the CosRX Skin Returning A-sol? I tried it before and my acne got worse I had to spend so much money with a dermatologist. Huhu Hope your results are better!

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. Same here. The Returning A-sol doesn't work for me :(

  3. Haven't tried any of these yet, but I'm on the hunt for the perfect skincare for my skin. My current skincare products is from Etude House. Last I checked, it's still not in BeautyMNL. Hope it will be available online soon! xx, Richel V.

    1. I love Etude too. I hope it'll be in Beautymnl too. But Beautymnl has a lot to offer din naman