Vivo V7+ with Paul Salas in GenSan

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Recently, Vivo came like a storm and wiped away their competitors with the new Vivo V7+ phone. Nationwide grand launching with the hottest stars, they definitely hit the Philippines like a storm.
Of course, Magpapahuli ba ang GenSan? Noooope!


Last November 5, 2017, Vivo had their V7+ All-Screen Eperience mall tour at SM City GenSan with one of their teen hunk ambassador, Paul Salas. I must say, Vivo definitely knows how to throw a party. People enjoyed the booth with fun games and a lot of prizes, and a lucky took home a new Vivo V7+ phone which I was really envy about. Hahaha! There was also a display of different merchandise with Stephen Curry's autograph which fans enjoyed! Customers and passers by also had a chance to browse and try the new Vivo V7+ and other Vivo phones. An well, it's not a party if no one is performing right? One of Vivo's ambassador, Paul Salas performed and serenade the fans which the audience really loved.

The fans went crazy when Paul started to walk around them! And the fans were left craving for more!

The SOX Bloggers had the chance to sit with Paul and her mom at the Chao Huan Chinese Cuisine. It was a chill and smooth kind of press con. And I must say, I'm impressed that Paul knows too well about V7+ which I think is important  and a must for a brand ambassador. It was nice to know Paul and her mom, they were very lovely and down to earth.

Frankly speaking, for me The Vivo V7+ is not meant to compete with the high-end models, such as the iPhone. But with a whole lot of features and perks exclusive to Vivo phones, it’s very clear that the phone was specifically created for people who wants the functionality of a high-end smartphone that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

If you'll ask me....Would I recommend the Vivo V7+? If you're into selfies (a lot of it) and social media as well as games, I would really recommend it. With the price of this phone, I think it's kind of in the middle range. Personally, a bit expensive for my lifestyle as a Public School Teacher for it costs a month of my salary. But I guess with it's functionality, it's worth it.

What do you think? Have you tried the new Vivo V7+? How do you find it? 

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