En Route Manila with Philippine Airlines

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

It was 8:30 AM, together with other SOX Bloggers we were inside of what I call our "mini school bus" on our way to General Santos City Airport. And conversations about the upcoming Blogapalooza (the reason why we're going to Manila) filled the car, we can't just hide our excitement. 


When we reached the airport, we were advise that the flight to Manila was full. We were a bit sad but still hopeful that we can be able to go to Manila for Blogapalooza. And after an hour or so of negotiation, we scored a connecting flight (Gensan-Iloilo-Manila), thanks to our Mommy Chiclet and BlogaMomma AceGapuz. Yes, we were a bit behind with our plans but looking on the brighter side, we were able to set foot in Iloilo even for just a couple of hours. No one is to blame here. Things happen and it's okay. Sometimes, we just got to look in to the positive side of misadventures.

The important thing is we arrived safely in Manila for Blogapalooza!

Through the years, it's always a pleasure flying with PAL. So here are 5 reasons why I love PAL and why I will always choose PAL:
  • The seats in economy class are comfortable and spacious.
  • Free snacks and drinks!
  • Aside from the crew's good looks, they are also very nice and approachable.
  • Flights are always on time! Delayed flights rarely happen.
  • Clean rest rooms with tissues, soap, and hand sanitizer.
Philippine Airlines is truly the heart of the Filipino!

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