Love-Hate relationship with KSA

Monday, July 01, 2019

It was lunch time when we left Kuwait with a lot of stuff in our trunk and a bag of snacks and food to munch on the road for 8 hours. And it was late afternoon when we reached the boarders. I was so nervous and anxious when I found out that females have to get out of the car and go to a private room for inspection and passport stamping.If only I could hide inside the trunk or behind my hubby like a child I would. It seemed that unfortunate events started when I entered the gates of KSA.

  1. It was too windy so my eyes got too watery (I know it's a shallow reason). 
  2. Because I had watery eyes, the woman stamping the passport was looking at me with suspicions. 
  3. I had a hard time communicating with her because she can't speak English. Good thing there was a woman behind me who translated it for me. 
  4. I got lost! When I went outside I can't find my hubby's car so I roamed around crying and people kept looking at me as if i'm a crazy person. So in the end I just sat beside the building and cried. I got lost for maybe 30 minutes until the hubby found me. Just by remembering gives me goosebumps and makes me cry. 
  5. I cried for another hour because of that incident. 

After fours of travel from the boarders, we finally reached my in-law's home and after some hugs and chitchats we called it a night. The next morning my husband drove me around the little town; there for the very first time I saw camels walking on the roadside, a fence made of clay that looked like the one you see in fairytales and the shops that closes every time the prayer starts. It was the same day that my father-in-law proudly gave me a bowl of greens which he picked from his vegetable garden. We only stayed in KSA for two days before we fly back to the Philippines but I have experienced how people live in a farm in middle east. I didn't know you could grow herbs and vegetables with the kind of soil that they have!

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