Bismillah! I’m Joyce, 20-ish something years old from General Santos City Philippines. I'm a SPED teacher working in a private SPED school. Ex-Roman Catholic, Reverted into Islam. I’m fickle-minded in my own way. I had a gloomy past but I’m on my way to a positive and happy life. And I know life keeps getting better for me. 

I’m a hobbyist photographer. Once in a while the feeling of wanderlust gets through me and I just have to go somewhere to travel, of course if my budget permits. I enjoy a a good book and I love movie marathons. I have fascination with vintage stuff. I enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate during rainy days. I love pastel colors and neutral tones. Deep conversation excites me. and oh i'm in love with pugs, I have a baby girl pug named Paris.

This blog serves as my online diary, I express my feelings through writing and photographs. The rest is you can learn through my blog posts.
I’d love to be your friend, please don’t hesitate to message me. :)